Volkswagen launches Service App for iPhone and Android devices

Volkswagen India has launched its Service App in an attempt to further connect with its customers and improve the after-sales/service experience. The Volkswagen Service App is available for download on the Apple iTunes Store (for iOS) as well as the Google Play Store (for Android).

The new app contains useful and helpful features making it a comprehensive tool for Volkswagen owners. The app can help you locate the nearest service center and not only that, it will also give you information about the labour charges which will be incurred, depending on the nature of your service. In case your car breaks down you can get in touch with Volkswagen Roadside Assistance to help you out. Another meaningful feature is the ‘Symbols’ tab which gives information pertaining to the various symbols that one sees on the dashboard but is not able to comprehend what it stands for. If you have been driving your vehicle for a while and are looking for a new ride, this app has you covered for that as well. It will flash information such as offers on new cars so that you can get a good deal while still staying with the German marquee for your next car. Sharing your driving experiences with other people also becomes easy with the ‘My Trips’ button which lets you tell your tale through pictures and maps.

If you’re not familiar with Volkswagen and want to know more about its products download this app and get information on the full range of products in the company’s portfolio. Once you have made your choice a test drive can also be booked to get a feel of the car and its features.

The app can also be downloaded from Volkswagen’s website:


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