Spied: New Mahindra Scorpio

Mahindra & Mahindra are in the process of upgrading their iconic Scorpio SUV and there are unconfirmed reports that launch will happen on September 25. The car will be getting a host of cosmetic and mechanical upgrades to bring it more up-to-date and more relevant to the competition, which includes the likes of Tata Safari, Nissan Terrano and Renault Duster.

The new Scorpio codenamed ‘W105’ will be getting a total exterior revision. The headlights will be getting projector lamps and the tail light will consist of LED strips. The front bumper will be all-new along-with the grille. In fact, the whole body panels will be remade giving the new Scorpio a completely different look from its predecessor.

The new Scorpio will be getting a total exterior revision

The new Scorpio will be getting a total exterior revision

The interiors are also said to be more premium than before. For the first time, the steering will be getting mounted controls and the dashboard will feature touch-screen infotainment with a navigation system. A rear view camera will also be provided with the feed viewable on the screen.

Mechanical changes are deep. Let’s start with the chassis, which is of the ladder type and has been newly developed by M&M. A new hydroforming technology has been employed, which Mahindra says has made the SUV lighter and stiffer. This reduction in weight will undoubtedly help the handling of the car, which is not-so-great in the current generation. Engine will be carried over as-it-is but the transmission will be replaced by a smoother, newly developed, 5-speed 320MT gearbox.

No word on the expected price of the new SUV, but we will inform you once we get a whiff of it. So, stay tuned for more.


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