Photo gallery: Triumph Thunderbird LT

British brand Triumph today launched its twelfth product in the country in the form of its full-sized 349kg cruiser – the Thunderbird LT. The bike gets a full sized windshield and leather saddlebags, both of which can be detached to give the bike a totally different look. The big cruiser gets a copious dose of chrome and white wall tyres wrapped over wire-spoked wheels. The comfort quotient is upped due to an ergonomic approach in the seat design which has lumbar support for the rider and a backrest for the pillion rider. Triumph says that the 1699cc engine is the largest parallel-twin engine in any series-production motorcycle currently on the planet. This engine has a wide spread of torque and it has a peak power output of 92.6bhp and with the twisting force rated at 151Nm. At just 3,500rpm almost 146Nm is available which makes sure that the bike gets off to a strong start, right from the word go. This kind of power delivery also gived way to effortless cruising on the highways and reduction in frequent gear change. More information on the bike can be found in our previous article here . Below is a compilation of pictures showing this beauty in all its splendour, enjoy!



Triumph Thunderbird LT

2014TriumphThunderbirdLT_162 T_LT_accessories021 2014TriumphThunderbirdLT_086 2014TriumphThunderbirdLT_001 2014TriumphThunderbirdLT_027 T_LT_action021T_LT_details068T_LT_details012


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