Ferrari to debut its most powerful spider in Paris

World’s most powerful brand ‘Ferrari’, will be debuting its most powerful soft-top (spider) supercar, at next month’s Paris Motor Show. The car named ‘458 Speciale A’ has been built to celebrate the 458 models various on-track victories and awards. The ‘A’ in the name is for Aperta which means “open” in English.

Its in Yellow!

Its in Yellow!

The 458 Speciale A has a chassis made out of 10 aluminium alloys lending it superior rigidity. Active aerodynamics at both the front and rear work in conjunction with Side Slip Angle Control (SSC) to give the car its zing under different driving circumstances. The exterior is not red but yellow with a Blu Nart and Bianco Avus central stripe covering the entire length of the car from the nose to the rear spoiler. The five-spoke forged wheels compliment the dark shade of the pinstripes well.

The roof is made from aluminium and opens and closes in 14 seconds

The roof is made from aluminium and opens and closes in 14 seconds

Powering this potent beast is the most powerful, naturally-aspirated, road-going V8 Ferrari has ever produced. The 4.5litre engine generates an earth shaking 597bhp and tarmac searing 540Nm of torque. Ferrari says, 0-100kmph is achieved in there-before-you-know-it 3.0 seconds with the double-ton coming in just 9.5 seconds. An impressive figure, when you consider the car is 50kgs heavier because of the aluminium drop-top setup, which does its business in 14 seconds flat.

The interior screams luxury.

The interior screams luxury.

The interior of the car has been exquisitely appointed. The seats are draped in Alcantara with contrasting stitching matching the colour of the exterior finish. The door panels, centre console and treadplates have made use of blue, glossy finish carbon-fibre. A special plaque is placed in the cockpit to signify the three ‘Best Performance Engine’ awards the V8 has garnered and also to remind the driver of the prodigious power that is on tap.

The 458 Speciale A is a supercar which gives you the joy of open-top motoring with amazing performance. It is a great car but with a flaw – only 499 will be put in to production. Price has not been announced yet, though I am sure that most of those limited editions have already been accounted for.


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