McLaren to offer new 625C, only for Asia.

McLaren Automotive, the Woking based supercar manufacturer will be making a new car specifically for the Asian markets. Apologies to the people who were expecting the company’s much awaited 911 rival. The 625C is simply, a sobered version of the 650S. Two variants in the form of Coupe and Spider will be available.

The Coupe and Spider variants will be available immediately after launch

The Coupe and Spider variants will be available immediately after launch

Company officials say that the 625C has been offered with a view to increase refinement and everyday usability. The 625C moniker hints at the power output of the car (in PS) and the ‘C’ stands for Club. The supercar shares the same 3.8litre, twin-turbo, V8 powerhouse of the 650S which has been detuned to 616bhp (625PS) of max power output and 610Nm of torque.  Power is transmitted to the rear wheels via a 7-speed SSG cog unit; result is a 0-100kmph (0-62mph) time of 3.1 seconds and a top speed of 333kmph (207mph), in the Coupe variant. The Spider takes the same time for the 0-100kmph sprint but sees the top speed reduced to 329kmph (204mph) owing to a 30kg increase in weight. Both the variants belch out the same 275 grams of carbon-dioxide per kilometer.

McLaren says that the 625c has a more pliant and comfortable ride thanks to changes in the dampers and tweaking of the ProActive Chassis Control system. You might think that driving dynamics have taken a beating, but the manufacturer says otherwise. The rear spring setup is a bit soft in ‘Normal’ mode but shift to ‘Sport’ or ‘Track’, and the car feels more planted with a sharper steering response.

The 625C Coupe

The 625C Coupe

Asia is one of the biggest markets for McLaren and the company’s latest product is a reflection of how serious it is about it. The 625C will first be launched in Hong Kong and from there will spread to other select markets in the Asia-Pacific region. The Coupe and Spider will be immediately available after launch and there has been no word on the pricing. We are sure though, that it will be lower than the 650S.


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