Triumph Motorcycles organizes ride to raise awareness

Triumph Motorcycles is a global partner for Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride (DGR). The concept began in 2012 with café racer aficionado Mark Hawwa in Perth, Australia. The ride has a humanitarian motive behind it. Bikers from all over the world go out with their bikes to spread awareness about prostate cancer. This ride took place on Sunday, September 28 and any person with a classic style bike, café racer or scrambler with intent to help was welcome.


DGR has been going from strength to strength since its inception. In 2012, it ran across 145 cities and raised $2,77,000 (AUS) and in 2014, that number has grown to 254 cities with 1 million dollars raised for research purposes. Prostate cancer is a deadly disease that kills one person every hour and is also extremely painful.

DGR Delhi

This is what Vimal Sumbly, MD, Triumph Motorcycles India Pvt. Ltd had to say on the occasion, “The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride is a superb initiative which not only successfully highlighted the camaraderie amongst fellow bikers but also promoted a social cause.  We at Triumph have always given prime importance to riding and providing our consumers and brand patrons with a complete riding experience. In that respect, DGR gives us just the ride platform. The entire process of sticking to the dress code and riding in harmony with fellow bikers was quite an enthralling experience and also helped with breaking the stereotypes the society associates with men on bikes whilst raising funds for men’s health issues.”

Vintage Triumph at DGR


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