Lamborghini unveils its first electric hypercar in Paris

Lamborghini gave a pleasant surprise to the crowds converging on Paris by revealing the Asterion LPI 910-4 hybrid concept a day earlier. This is the Italian manufacturers first plug-in hybrid hypercar. It is a concept as of now with no plans of production.


The Asterion is Lamborghinis first plug-in hybrid hypercar

Just by the name, hardcore Lamborghini fans must have come to know that this car has a longitudinally positioned, mid-mounted engine. The 910 refers to the power output of the car which is exactly 906bhp (910PS). You guessed it! The 4 stands for the permanent all-wheel drive system. What must be new is the ‘I’ which means Ibrido – Hybrid in English.

The design of this car is pure Lamborghini. It has its fair share of sharp, taut lines and edgy looks but with more rounded curves. It does not have the ferocious styling of the Aventador, rather it has an aesthetically pleasing and sensual exterior; more in tune with the legendary Miura. The front end, to me, definitely harks back to the legend with the long bonnet and the upright windscreen design. The rear gets the signature peek through engine bay, while the tail lights get the modern Y-shaped LEDs and beautiful quad exhausts.


The rear gets LED tail lamps and quad tail pipes

Interior is minimalist and not a very radical departure from what we are used to seeing. The three-spoke steering wheel this time gets buttons to switch the car in to different modes -Zero (electric), Ibrido (hybrid) and Termico (combustion engine). The interior gets a dual tone theme consisting of Ivory and Brown shades. Various functions of the car like GPS and infotainment can be controlled through a portable tablet.


Interior gets a dual toned theme with a clean, well spaced out look

The Hybrid system has three motors comprising of a generator – placed between the mid mounted engine and the gearbox located close to the rear – and two motors powering the front wheels; batteries are placed under the centre console to better distribute weight. The powerhouse is the 5.2litre, naturally aspirated, V10 engine generating 610bhp with another 296bhp added by the electric units. Combined power output is 897bhp, right up there with the likes of McLaren P1 and LaFerrari. Power is transmitted to all the four wheels through a quick shifting 7-speed DSG unit. 0-100kmph is dispatched in 3.0 seconds flat, while Lamborghini says that the Asterion can manage a top speed of 320kmph. In all-electric mode this hypercar can cover an impressive 50 kilometres with only front wheel drive achieving a max speed of 120kmph. Hybrid is all about going green, this car inspite of its performance, gives a claimed 98g/km of carbon emissions.

Safety aspect and light weight is taken care of by the monocoque chassis fully made from carbon-fibre, giving this Lambo high-strength and rigidity as well. As stated earlier, it is not yet clear about Lamborghinis intent on this car, but keeping in mind the potential that this car holds and the technology it carries, I am sure that the company has more plans for it than to be just a show car.



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