Volvo reveals a four cylinder engine producing 444bhp!

The new engine called the ‘Drive-E Powertrain Concept’ is Volvos way of showing the potential that can be achieved by its Drive-E engine family. Volvo says that the unit incorporates technologies that are not normally found in four cylinder engines.  Various Volvo suppliers like AVL, Denso and Volvo Polestar Racing have teamed up for its development. The engine is a 2.0litre, four-cylinder unit producing 444bhp.

Volvo 450hp_High_Performance_Drive_E_Powertrain

Volvo Drive-E Powertrain Concept

Manufacturer claims that turbo lag is absent in this engine because of a technology called ‘Triple Boost’. What this does is that, it makes use of an electrically powered turbo-compressor which – instead of feeding air to the engine – sends compressed air to the two parallel turbochargers helping them to spool up faster. There is also a dual fuel pump setup which pumps fuel at an unusually high pressure of 250bars. The result is a stunning power output of 222bhp per litre.

Volvo 450hp_High_Performance_Drive_E_Powertrain 2

Its four cylinders produce 450hp!

This is what Mattias Evensson, Race Engine Director, Volvo Polestar Racing had to say about the new engine, “This was a very exciting project as we pioneered a combination of technologies in the same application, and the result is a quite unique engine with its high power yet quick response. Above all, its compact size improves weight distribution between the front and rear axle and lowers the centre of gravity – two factors that have a significant effect on the handling, whether it is a race car or a street car,” said Mattias Evensson, Race Engine Director at Volvo Polestar Racing.

Volvo 450hp_High_Performance_Drive_E_Powertrain 1

A separate electric power turbo-compressor supplies compressed air to the two turbos

Peter Mertens, Sr VP, R&D, Volvo Car Group added his comments thus, “When we launched the Drive-E powertrain family, our aim was to deliver the most advanced four-cylinder engines in the industry based on emissions and fuel consumption relative to performance and drivability. We knew that 320 hp in our petrol configuration was just a starting point. The 450 hp High Performance Drive-E Powertrain Concept demonstrates this ambition and the versatility of the Drive-E Powertrains.”

Volvo 450hp_High_Performance_Drive_E_Powertrain fuel

The fuel is pumped at a very high pressure of 250bars

Volvo has yet to disclose the launch date of the engine


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