Ferrari completes 60 years in North America, celebrates in style

The Italian supercar manufacturer has completed 60 years in North America and it has marked the occasion in the only way it knows how to. The Prancing Horse has revealed an ultra-exclusive limited edition open-top called the F60. The spider is based on the bombastic F12 Berlinetta and only 10 units will be made.

Ferrari F60America

The F60 is based on the mental F12 Berlinetta.

This very limited production number is a hark back to the 1960-70s, when car importer Luigi Chinetti specifically requested Enzo Ferrari to supply him with 1967 275 GTS4 NART Spider, which was also limited to 10 units.

The car looks beefy, muscular with an aerodynamic body and is adorned with NART livery. The face gets the wide Ferrari grille replete with chrome and air intakes on either end sucking in air for cooling the brakes. Special 60th anniversary badging can be seen on the wheel arches as well as the interior on the centre console. The roll hoops on the rear get carbon-fibre supports which make their way to the boot lip spoiler giving a dynamic stance to the vehicle.

Ferrari F60America 2

The roll hoops get carbon-fibre buttresses which go all the way to the spoiler.

The cabin is seen lavished in red trim but only for the driver side with the passenger seat finished in black; this has been done on purpose and is reminiscent of earlier Ferrari competition cars. To convey the special feel of the car, the seats get an American flag motif on the centre as well as the backrests. There is no electronically operated soft or hard top, what it does have though, is a light fabric top which can be used till 120kmph (75mph).

Ferrari F60America int

The driver side is finished in sporty red trim

Similar to the F12, the F60 is powered by a 6.3litre V12 generating 730bhp. The F60 blasts its way to 100kmph from standstill in a claimed 3.1 seconds.

Ferrari says that all the 10 units which will be produced have been snapped up by enthusiastic car collectors. Pricing has not been officially declared. The F60 will be officially launched at a gala dinner that will be held today at Beverly Hills City Hall.


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