Tesla launches D variants of its Model S

The Palo Alto based electric car manufacturer has launched all-wheel drive variants of its popular Model S sedan. The new variant will be available in three models based on the current lineup- 60D, 85D and the range topping P85D.


Tesla’s performance oriented four-door sedan, the P85D.

Tesla says that the P85D is all about performance and has supercar like acceleration figures. The current crop of Model S makes use of just one motor supplying power to the rear axle. The D variants will have dual electric motors located on both axles which control torque independently thereby giving more traction and instantaneous throttle response. Tesla’s sales have come down the past year and this new launch can be viewed as a move to gain more traction in Northeastern as well as European markets.

Tesla Model S (for representation purposes only)

Tesla Model S (for representation purposes only)

The P85D in all makes 681bhp from both electric units and has an outstanding torque figure of 931.6Nm. Powering these units is a big 85kWh battery. The company says that hundred percent of this torque is available from the get-go. That is evident as the P85D storms from 0-60mph (97kmph) in a paltry 3.2 seconds (claimed), which is way up there with most exotic supercars. Top speed is limited to 155mph (250kmph). Inspite of this blistering performance the car will give a range of 443 kilometres (275 miles) when driven at 105 kmph (65 mph). Performance however, has taken a toll on mileage. The P85D bears a loss of 16 kilometres probably due to the addition of the four-wheel drive system and an extra motor.

Tesla Model S rear view (for representation purposes only)

Tesla Model S rear view (for representation purposes only)

The 60D possesses a 60kWh battery and has 371bhp at its disposal from the dual motors producing 186bhp each. Mileage is claimed at 362 kilometres (225 miles) with the 0-60mph coming up in 5.7 seconds. Top speed is limited to 201kmph (125 mph).

The mid-range with a bigger 85kWh battery can cover the longest distance of 458.6 kilometres (285 miles) at a constant speed of 105kmph (65 mph). It has the same power figures as compared to a 60D but takes only 5.2 seconds for the 0-60mph (97kmph) sprint and can reach a top whack of 155mph (250 kmph). The manufacturer says that both the 60D and 85D are better than their respective rear-wheel drive counterparts in all areas and also give an increase of 16 kilometres in mileage overall.

Other technologies also made their debut with the new cars. These include a standard Autopilot function which has hardware such as forward sensor, forward camera and 12 ultrasonic sensors monitoring everything within sixteen feet of the car at all speeds. The car can change lanes with a simple tap of the turn signal and can also read road signs while simultaneously maintaining the car speed within the indicated limit. The Model S will also be able to steer the car to avoid collisions and will also be able to apply the brake in case of emergencies.

Deliveries of the P85D will begin in North America by December, while the 60D and 85D will be available early next year. The P85D will start from 121,000 dollars (73,76,765 rupees) with the 60 and 85D available at a premium of 4,000 dollars (2,43,860 rupees) over their existing two-wheel drive models.


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