Audi to present new design language at next month’s Los Angeles Motor Show

Audi has revealed a teaser image of its show car which is scheduled to debut at next month’s Los Angeles Motor Show. The image shows the car from topside revealing not much about the design. The car is expected to be the long awaited new flagship model of the Ingolstadt based manufacturer.

This is probably Audi's much anticipated A9 flagship.

This is probably Audi’s much anticipated A9 flagship.

The flagship model will carry the A9 moniker and will usher in the company’s new design direction both inside and out. The sedan will most likely be a four-door as the image suggests, it also reveals the dimension and shape of the concept which appears to have short front and rear overhangs with a swoopy roofline.  Audi has not disclosed the name of the car yet, but the new range topper is expected in markets by 2017.

This model also marks the debut of Audi’s new design head – Marc Lichte – who moved in from parent company Volkswagen in February this year. Audi says the new car will be a revolutionary concept embodying the progressive values of the company whilst featuring the brands core values of sportiness, lightweight design and the trademark Quattro drive.

Marc Lichte in his stint at Volkswagen designed cars such as the Golf hatchback, Touareg SUV, Passat sedan and the premium Phaeton saloon. So, we can expect some elements from those designs to creep in to the new show car.


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