Mercedes-Benz delivers one lakh units of ‘Best car in the world’, in a year

The new generation of the S-Class is arguably the best car on the planet. Nothing reeks of German engineering superiority more than the ‘S’. The new version of the S-Class also called ‘W222’ has sold one lakh units worldwide since its market launch a year ago.

Mercedes Benz S-class  (1)

The S-Class is regarded by many as the pinnacle of automotive technology

The luxo barge has been selling like limited editions in its core markets, which comprise of China, Germany and USA. According to stats revealed by the car maker, this year till September alone, it has already sold 75,391 units double of what it delivered the previous year and represents an increase of 105.8 per cent. These numbers already exceed the overall combined figures of the S-Class in 2012 and 2013 with three months still to go!

The German major lists this success to the fastest market launch in the history of the S-Class. The sedan was available in less than twelve weeks across all three core markets ensuring that the supply was there to meet the boom in demand. The momentum shows no sign of abating if sales in September are anything to go by. 9,501 units of the Mercedes-Benz flagship have been dispatched to customers showing a phenomenal 139.3 per cent increase over the same period last year.

Mercedes Benz S-class  (2)

The current generation S-Class has proved to be the most successful one, ever.

The current S-Class is the source of inspiration for six more variants including its short and long-wheelbase versions as well as the recently launched S-Class coupe. An ultra-luxurious, long-wheelbase version said to carry on the now defunct Maybach legacy forward is expected to be unveiled at the upcoming 12th Guangzhou Auto Exhibition.


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