Surat businessman gives 455 Fiat Punto Evos as Diwali bonus

Diwali is the festival of lights and is celebrated with much pomp and fanfare. On this occasion relatives, friends and even employees exchange gifts and meet up with each other. It holds a special place among those who celebrate it. This Diwali is going to be a bit more special for the employees of Harikrishna Exports, a diamond house based in Surat.

Fiat Punto Diwali ground

The dealer delivered the cars to a huge ground

Savji Dholakia, the company’s chairman has ordered 455 Fiat Punto Evos for his employees as their Diwali bonus. This is the ranked as the largest single delivery by any car company in India. The order was placed at Sukrit Autolink. Out of the 455 cars ordered 190 were Evo 1.2 petrol and the other 265 were the 1.3 diesel variants, dressed in Minimal Grey and Pearl White respectively.

Fiat Punto diwali gift

A special ceremony was laid just for the occasion

The cars were just one part of a ‘loyalty programme’ which also included a flat and jewellery. 207 lucky employees chose a 3BHK flat and another 570 employees opted for jewellery.

Fit Punto diwali closeup

The cars waiting for their owners

Harikrishna Exports is known to reward its artisans well as Dholakia believes they are the backbone of the diamond industry. Average pay of an artisan working in his company is Rs-1 lakh per month. The company was founded in 1992 and presently has an annual turnover of Rs-6000 crore. It has a staff strength of 9000 employees working in its offices at Mumbai, Surat and abroad.


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