Audi recalls 8,50,000 A4s to fix airbag problem

German auto major Audi has recalled an incredible 8,50,000 units of its A4 model of cars. A problem has been detected in the software for airbag deployment. The affected cars belong to model year 2013-2015 and encompass all body styles consisting of sedans, wagons and all-road models.

Audi A4

The affected cars belong to the model year 2013-2015.

Audi says that the problem is not with the hardware but with the software. A glitch has been detected that prevents the software from deploying the airbags in case of an accident. The Ingolstadt based manufacturer says that the defect can be sorted out within minutes by just installing new software. Out of the 8,50,000 cars recalled almost half the number comes from the two of its biggest markets, China and Germany. 2,50,000 affected models are from China and 1,50,000 defective units are present in Germany. There is no word on the location of the remaining 4,50,000 cars.

The company has addressed the software malfunction issue at its factory just last week and has made it clear it has not received any reports about accidents concerning this recall. Audi has also washed its hands off the controversy surrounding Japan’s beleaguered Takata Corp by saying that their airbags have not been sourced by them. Takata is facing mounting pressure about its airbags having a faulty propellant which can explode even after a minor accident, shooting metal shards in to the cabin.


Pic Source: CC by 2.0 / Photo by order_242


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