Audi recalls Q7 SUV citing brake issue

This year has seen more than its fair share of recalls internationally and is already termed as the year having the highest number of recalls, ever. Not surprising then, that I am here with another piece on recalls. This time it’s concerning the fabled German engineered cars belonging to the Audi brand. The company has issued a recall for 382 units of its flagship Q7 SUV model. Only the 3.0litre TDI models manufactured between March and December 2012 will form part of the callback.

Audi Q7

The Q7 has been recalled over a brake issue

The issue has been detected with the vacuum line found in the brake system. A problem may occur by way of engine oil creeping in to the defective vacuum line, thereby reducing the efficiency of the braking system. The brakes will still work but a lot more pressure will be required to stop the vehicle. The diaphragm or brake booster can also be damaged due to contamination of the brake fluid and may need to be replaced.

Audi says that it will inspect the vacuum line and non-return valve for possible leakage and if any irregularity is found then they will replace the component free of cost along with any other part that may be collaterally damaged. The manufacturer says that this whole process will not take more than thirty minutes.

Audi Q7 1

This recall is part of a global effort affecting more than 70,000 units of different Audi models.

This recall is part of a global exercise which has affected nearly 70,000 units of different models. The company said it will contact the affected Q7 owners through its dealers and has already repaired 197 units after launching a service campaign on September 25.


Source: ET


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