Lister Planning To Make A World-beating Hypercar

British sports car maker Lister is planning to make a hypercar which will rival cutting-edge supercars from manufacturers such as Ferrari, McLaren, Koenigsegg and Pagani. Now these are big names, sporting some of the best driver’s cars on the planet, so it can be said that Lister is thinking ‘big’ and by that I mean really big.

The Cambridge based manufacturer has high ambitions after having been re-launched just 12 months ago. The company’s aspirations have been amplified by the recent success it has received. I am referring to the nine replicas of the 1950’s classic racer, called Lister “Knobbly” Jaguar that the company re-manufactured; all of the cars – priced at 3,50,000 pounds – have been sold out.

Lister Hypercar concept

Lister is looking for investors to fund its new project, a hypercar powered by an enormous 7.8-litre, supercharged V12 engine having max power output upwards of a 1000bhp and a top speed in excess of 250mph. Brian Lister who founded the company has given his nod to the project and is also functioning as an advisor to the management.

Lister Hypercar concept 1

This is what the Lawrence Whittaker, MD, Lister Cars has to say about the company’s plans, “Over the coming years our ambitions are to create a world beating brand new hypercar with a list price of somewhere in the region of  £2million. We are currently seeking external investors that have the desire to join us on what promises to be an incredible journey, because if we proceed with our ambitious plans, it is fundamental that the entire project is sufficiently resourced in order to deliver a serious, world-beating new product.”

Latterly, many start-ups have also planned to make outrageously fast and hugely powerful cars and most of them have not made it to reality. I think that, Lister with its history and racing pedigree will have a better chance to pull off its claim. Do you think that Lister has what it takes to make this ambitious car a reality? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.


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