Audi recalls A4 for software update

Audi India recalled its Q7 SUV just a few days back over a brake issue and prior to that we wrote a piece on the German manufacturer recalling 8.5 lakh units of its A4 sedan globally. We can now confirm that out of those A4 recalls 6,758 units belonged to India.

Audi A4 press

Audi has recalled 6,758 units of its A4 sedan.

The affected units have been manufactured between November 2011-October 2014. The A4 sedan that has been recalled does not possess any defective components, rather the issue is present in the software of the airbag control unit. The recall will require the dealers to update the software which will effectively set the parameters for deployment of airbags.

Audi A4 press 1

No parts will be replaced as this is a software update

Audi will be contacting customers to fix an appointment at their workshop and will fix the issue free of cost to customers.

This year has seen recalls from virtually every manufacturer in India. Nissan has recalled units of its Micra and Sunny models, Honda cars have recalled its Brio, Amaze and CR-V cars. These are all voluntary recalls related to safety which have been initiated by industry body SIAM since July 2012.


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