Spied: Maruti YRA Hatchback

Premium hatchback is a new segment that caters to the consumers having a taste for hatchbacks but don’t want to compromise on features, style or quality. These customers want to get the upmarket feel but don’t wish to go for a sedan or give up the benefits small cars offer in urban conditions. Hyundai India has already met success in this segment with its Elite i20 model.

Maruti YRA hatchback

Maruti’s new premium hatchback will be launched next year; is codenamed YRA.

Maruti Suzuki, the largest carmaker in the country is also preparing to enter this segment shortly if this spy picture is anything to go by. The car codenamed YRA will likely be launched next year and will go head to head with the Elite i20. The new model will be placed above the Swift and have a wider body facilitating a roomier cabin.

The exterior (or what is visible) looks not much different than the Swift. The headlamps bear the same design as the popular hatchback although with slight modifications. The front grille retains the honeycomb effect but now sports a V-like chrome strip on the lower portion. The front bumper shows a wider air intake which is flanked on either side by circular fog lamps and – for the first time in a Maruti – vertical DRL strips.

The length of the car also seems to be bigger. Keeping in mind the upmarket segment this car is aimed at, we can’t help but notice the absence of alloy wheels and turn indicators integrated side mirrors. This test mule has steel wheels and plain side mirrors but we are hopeful of the above features being accommodated in the production version.

There is no clarity on the power plants being worked under the hood and we wouldn’t like to speculate. We will be sure to inform you once more details surface. Till then, please go ahead and let us know your views and suggestions in the comments section below. This site is for you and we would like to hear from you!


Pic Source: Autocar India


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