McLaren to launch Porsche 911 rival in 2015

McLaren Automotive has confirmed that it will be entering the sports car segment by next year. The company has kicked off the “Black Swan” campaign which will tease further information about its upcoming sports car using the hashtag #BlackSwanMoments on Twitter.

Mclaren P13 teased

McLaren P13 teaser image

As of now what is known about the car – codenamed ‘P13’ – is that it will be shown to the public in the second quarter of 2015 and will now officially be called the Sports Series. This Series will sit below the 650S in the McLaren lineup and as the company says, will bring Formula 1 technology and expertise to the segment. Another inference which can be made from the ‘Series’ bit is that this will not be just a single model instead, it will span an entire range of body styles, starting from coupe then moving on to convertible and so on.

The sports car will bear the same tried and tested, sporty combination of carbon fibre chassis and a mid-mounted engine. Not many details have been revealed concerning the technical aspects, however, we can confirm that the same 3.8litre V8 engine seen in the 650S will be used in the P13, albeit in a lower state of tune, producing around 450-500bhp.

McLaren 650S coupe

The P13 will be placed below the 650S pictured above.

The “Black Swan” campaign will, over a period of coming months, detail moments in history which have changed people’s beliefs and their way of thinking. So, be on the lookout for their tweets doing the rounds on Twitter. We will keep feeding you with all the latest happenings going on with the Woking based manufacturer. Stay tuned to AutoWire, stay updated!


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