Mercedes-Benz will revive Maybach brand

Maybach the ultra-luxurious brand from the house of Mercedes-Benz will be making a comeback after two years this month. The brand will no longer have a separate identity but will now be known as Mercedes-Maybach. The first offering from the resurrected marque is the ‘S600’ that will make its world premiere at next week’s Los Angeles Auto Show.

Mercedes-Maybach S-Class

The Maybach will now be a sub-brand of Mercedes.

Yes, the Maybach will now occupy the top spot of the S-Class range and will be based on the long wheelbase version of the best car in the world, rather than being made as an entirely new model, and will also spawn a ‘Pullman’ extra-long-wheelbase version. Mercedes-Benz says that in, “The S-Class segment in particular, customers have very high expectations with regard to exclusivity and individuality. Mercedes-Maybach enables us to fulfil these desires in the exclusive top segment of the market.”

The Mercedes-Maybach S-Class will cater to the most discerning customers and its models will be differentiated from the standard S-Class by means of opulent interiors, cavernous cabin space, and a wide assortment of individualisation options. Cosmetically, changes will be seen on the front grille, redesigned glasshouse and larger rear doors (given to accommodate the electrically adjustable individual rear seats).

Mercedes-Maybach S-Class interior

The interiors of the S600 are expected to pamper and delight even the most demanding customers

The engine powering the Maybach S-Class will likely be a big 6.0 litre, twin-turbo V12 producing power figure of 516bhp and an enormous torque figure rated at 830Nm.

The Maybach badge previously has not been much of a money spinner for Mercedes and it remains to be seen if the S600 can change fortunes for the brand. We will come to know in a few days’ time, however, once the sedan is revealed. The S600 will be messing with the best as far as luxury cars go, with that I mean ultra-luxurious cars from the stable of Rolls-Royce and Bentley.


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