Mercedes-Benz furthers its Multibeam LED technology

Audi is widely considered to be the pioneer in next-gen headlight technologies. But now it seems that the Stuttgart based manufacturer is catching up fast. Mercedes-Benz has developed new technologies which will take the brilliance of its already brilliant LED technology to the next level.

Mercedes-Benz multibeam LED headlamps (3)

The whole unit is digitally controlled and does not have any mechanical actuators

The Multibeam technology which debuted this year in the CLS-Class will now get a gridded light source studded with 84 LEDs instead of the previous generation’s 24. Improvement will also be seen in the distance that these lights illuminate. In the CLS-Class, which has the older version of the LED technology, the road can be lit up for a distance of 485 metres, this has been increased to a stupendous 600 metres in the new Multibeam.

Mercedes-Benz multibeam LED headlamps (1)

The new headlights will come with 84 individual LEDs.

Uwe Kostanzer, Head, Light systems development, Mercedes-Benz says, “Enabling ideal visibility in all driving situations without dazzling other road users has always been our credo in developing new light systems. We are pursuing the further development of LED technology to this end.”

Mercedes-Benz multibeam LED headlamps (2)

The new Multibeam technology will be a combination of LED and Bi-xenon units.

The intelligent light systems consist of various features like adaptive highbeam assist, active light function, LED DRLs, motorway mode and country mode. These features seamlessly integrate to provide better visibility during night driving, while also taking care of safety of fellow drivers in the same or oncoming lanes through anti-dazzle measures even while being in high-beam mode. The new Multibeam technology is completely digital and is devoid of mechanical actuators, affording it better dynamism, adaptability and flexibility. Check out the video below describing all the advancements in detail. Tell us what you think in the comments area below.



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