2014 Mini Cooper D, 3 and 5-door variants launched, starts at Rs-31.85 lakh

Part of the BMW Group, the iconic Mini Cooper was launched in India. Two variants are offered for the Indian market. The standard 3-door and the bigger 5-door introduced for the first time, given the practical appeal that larger cars hold with Indian customers. Prices start from Rs-31.85 lakh for the 3-door and the 5-door version can be yours for Rs-35.20 lakh; all prices are pan-india.

Mini Cooper launch

Philipp von Sahr, President, BMW India with the new Cooper


Looks wise, the new Minis are bigger and more spacious than the outgoing ones. The design and form that has endeared many over the years remain unchanged but modern touches have been added to make the car more appealing to the current generation. Interiors have become more sober and have lost their quirkiness. The speedometer has moved from the centre of the dashboard to its normal position behind the steering wheel. In place of the speedometer, the dashboard now houses a 6.5-inch infotainment system which is controlled through an iDrive controller.

Mini Cooper 5-door

Mini Cooper 5-door has been offered for the first time in India


The new Mini comes to India only with a diesel engine. A 1.5litre, 3-cylinder, TwinPower turbo rests under the nose, delivering 113bhp and 270Nm of torque. Transmission is a 6-speed autobox capable of taking this car from 0-100kmph in just 9.2 seconds. Top speed is a modest 200kmph. Fuel efficiency is claimed to be at 21.15kmpl.

The new Mini will not be built here but will be imported as a Completely Built Unit (CBU). A petrol version is expected to make its way in the first quarter of 2015.



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