Jaguar F-type gets a manual for 2016!

British car brand Jaguar has revealed a piece of news that has delighted auto/racing enthusiasts worldwide. The manufacturer has confirmed that the 2016 model lineup of the F-type will see the addition of a manual transmission and also an all-wheel drive variant.

Jaguar F-type manual (1)

2016 Jaguar F-type with manual transmission


The F-type has already established itself firmly in the hearts of spirited drivers with its enticing looks, powerful engine, engaging drive and a raucous soundtrack. The manual gearbox will be a six speeder called the Quickshift. This is a significant development because the F-type will be the first Jaguar sports car to get a manual tranny, 40 years after the legendary E-type.

This manual cog unit though, will be available only with the supercharged V6 version having rear-wheel drive. This unit will have a short-throw of just 45mm with closely spaced gear ratios. Made with the help of ZF, this gearbox is lighter than its automatic sibling by 22 pounds (10kgs), thanks in part to the aluminium casing and a newly formulated ‘semi-dry sump lubrication’ system, which allows for a compact design.

Jaguar F-type manual (2)

Manual in result in a much more engaging and rewarding drive


The V8 version, though missing out on the manual will get all-wheel drive. The AWD system will be optional in the mid-spec V8 S trim but will come as standard on the top-of-the-line F-type R models. The grip and handling prowess of four-wheel drive will bring along with it an addition of a hefty 176 pounds (80kgs) to the overall mass.

The manual rear-wheel drive F-type V6 will start at 51,250 pounds (Rs-49,59,395/-) and the all-wheel drive V8 F-type R will retail at 97,135 pounds (Rs-93,99,626/-). Deliveries of these beauties will begin by next year.



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