Jaguar and Bloodhound SSC team up to beat land speed record

Jaguar, owned by Tata Motors is deeply involved in the development of the Bloodhound SSC. A project which aims to decimate the current world land speed record set by RAF pilot Andy Green in 1997. The current record was made at the Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah and the Thrust SSC reached a top speed of 763 mph (1228 kph) breaking the sound barrier on land in the process.

Bloodhound SSC and Jaguar teamup

The Bloodhound SSC is an advanced version of the Thrust SSC and will aim to break the speed record set by its predecessor in 2015. Its ultimate aim though, is to cross the 1,000 mph barrier on land or in other words reaching an insane speed of Mach 1.4; this attempt will be made in 2016 and the supersonic car will again be piloted by Andy Green himself.

Jaguar F-Type R

The Bloodhound SSC will be powered by three engines: a hybrid rocket, a Eurojet Ej200 engine (same engine powering the Eurofighter Typhoon) and a supercharged V8 engine. This is where Jaguar comes in to the picture. The V8 engine mentioned above is the one found under the hood of the Jaguar F-Type R, only this time it does not actually power the car but will pump fuel to the rocket engines. This is no small task considering the power plant will be supplying 800 litres of fuel in 20 seconds, do the math, and that comes up to a phenomenal 40 litres a second.

All three engines will make the equivalent of 77,500 bhp, 180 times more than a race car. Let us know what you think of this attempt in the comments section below.


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