Ferrari Sergio built to commemorate 60 years with Pininfarina

Ferrari has this year completed sixty years of association with legendary coach building and design house, Pininfarina. This is no small feat considering the volatile nature of the automotive industry, where new companies come and go every day. So, this occasion calls for celebration and Ferrari have celebrated this landmark by doing what they do best – build cars. In order to commemorate this achievement they have produced a limited edition roadster and eponymously named it Ferrari Sergio, after Sergio Pininfarina – the founder’s son and the person who cemented the relation between Pininfarina and Ferrari. He also headed the design firm from 1966 to 2001 and stayed on the board till 2012, the year of his passing.

Ferrari Sergio

The front has a sculpted and sporty look, but gets a windshield which was missing on the original concept

The Sergio is inspired by the Sergio Concept car unveiled at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show and is based on the 458 Spider. The car has a simple, pleasing and attractive design with very short front and rear overhangs. The semblance to the 458 can be found in the head and tail lights. The production Sergio retains most of the design cues found in the original concept like the forward leaning roll bars which also house the air-intakes for cooling the gearbox oil. The main design characteristic is the black element seen on the side of the roadster which, while adding visual appeal also does the important job of melding the front and rear body shells together. Another highlight is the Sergio-specific forged wheels painted in gold and adorned with a diamond finish.

Ferrari Sergio 1

The black element with the forward-swept roll bar form the highlight of the design

The Sergio is a performance roadster and it delivers on this promise, what with a 4.5 litre V8 nestled under that beautiful hood. This award winning naturally-aspirated engine puts out 605 ponies and a 0-100 kmph sprint time of 3 seconds.

Ferrari Sergio 2

The tail lights immediately remind you of the 458 and so does the diffuser

The cockpit also mirrors that of the 458. The seats are upholstered in black leather with contrasting red stitching and Alcantara inserts to add that extra feeling of premium-ness to the cabin.  The dashboard and door trims are done-up in carbon-fibre.

Ferrari Sergio 3

The cabin is well appointed with a mix of leather and carbon-fibre

Only six Sergios will be produced making this a very rare limited edition roadster. This car suffers from the same problem that plagues all limited edition Prancing Horses. All six examples have already been sold and the very first model has been delivered to its new owner, the SBH Royal Auto Gallery in Abu Dhabi, UAE. The keys to the car were handed over at the Yas Marinas circuit which earlier saw the unveiling of the Ferrari FXX K.


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