JA Motorsport’s Super Nano makes 230 bhp!

The Tata Nano gained fame around the globe for being the cheapest car in production. When Mr.Tata envisaged his version of the people’s car, he might never have dreamt that someone would take his tame, innocent, diminutive small car and turn it in to this – the Super Nano. This car is a non-tested, sporty version of the petite hatchback modified by Coimbatore-based JA Motorsport. The little monster will cost you Rs 25 lakh for a brand new model and the same amount to turn your Nano in to a super one.

Tata Super Nano

The Super Nano has a wider track for better handling and stability around corners


The body surely looks the part with a wide body kit, extended wheel arches, smoked head and tail lights and grey alloys shod with MRF ZLO racing slicks. The insides see a lot of revisions to accommodate the enormous increase in power. The most noticeable change is the disappearance of the rear seats (and practicality) with its place taken by a bigger engine. The racing intent becomes more apparent when your gaze falls upon the bolt-on roll cage, racing steering wheel with paddle shifters, Recaro seats and carbon fibre dashboard.

Tata Super Nano 2

Notice the smoked tail lights and racing slicks


The major change however, is the ‘bigger’ engine. The twin-cylinder unit has been replaced by a 1.3-litre, four-cylinder engine making a reported 230 bhp. Transmission is a 6-speed sequential gearbox sending power to the rear wheels with very-race-like paddle shifters behind the flat bottomed steering wheel. Top speed is a claimed 190-200 kmph. The Super Nano has been given race-tuned suspension and much needed disc brakes on all four rotors to rein in the manic pace.

Tata Super Nano int

Interior is all business


The thought of this already fragile car being endowed with more power is terrifying and some may even consider it suicidal. But for people looking to add something crazy and absolutely unique to their collection, this might seem the perfect choice. The Super Nano is not road legal and can be taken out only on the track. Let us know your thoughts about this little rocket in the space below!

Tata Super Nano 1

Not so cute now, is it?


Pic Source: Autocar India


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