Jaguar’s never-produced C-X75 is the villain’s ride in “Spectre”

The latest James Bond film titled “Spectre” is due for release on November 6, 2015. We all have come to know that the super-spy (enacted by Daniel Craig) will continue his 50 year-association with British brand Aston Martin and will be seen driving the specially made DB10 for the film. The DB10 will be a limited edition of 10 cars, which unfortunately will not be offered for sale; instead, all of the 10 examples will be utilized for the 24th James Bond movie. Not much has been disclosed about the car, but what is known is that, it will likely be powered by a 4.7 litre V8 engine.

Jaguar C-X75

Jaguar C-X75 front

Talking about Bond’s nemesis in the film – Franz Oberhauser – which is played by Christoph Waltz, the villain is not far behind at least when it comes to cars. He will be in a road-going model of the Jaguar C-X75 prototype which debuted at the 2010 Paris Motor Show, but never saw the light-of-day owing to the global financial crisis. This car will reportedly be powered by a 5.0 litre supercharged V8 engine, unlike the concept’s hybrid powertrain, which made use of four electric motors, each individually powering all four wheels and recharged by micro gas turbines running on diesel fuel.

Jaguar C-X75 rear

Jaguar C-X75 rear

Jaguar has till now not confirmed the car’s appearance in the film but judging from the past (a Jaguar XKR was seen in the 2002 Bond film “Die Another Day”), it is safe to assume that a Jag will again be seen battling Bond’s Aston Martin DB10. Another indicator of this being the likely scenario, is the usage of “it’s good to be Bond” tagline by Aston Martin, which is actually hinting to the “it’s good to be bad” campaign currently run by Jaguar.

Jaguar C-X75-1

Jaguar C-X75 side profile

Let us know what you think about the bad guy’s ride. Is it better than the DB10 in your opinion?

Aston Marin DB10

Aston Martin DB10



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