Video: Hankook Tire’s 2014 ‘Design Innovation Project’ winners

Dreaming is good; it lets you visualize concepts which are not possible maybe immediately, but after a period of time, some elements of that concept will find its way to production reality. To stimulate the flow of new ideas, Hankook Tires hold a biennial event in collaboration with leading universities.

Hankook Concept tyres

The three winning entries for this year developed in collaboration with Pforzheim University

This year’s event was held with the theme ‘A Great Challenge for a Great Change’, participants were given the task of developing tyres that adapt to the changing terrains effectuated by climate change. The winners this year were some radical designs with some radical ideas seeming barely conceivable. It is important to keep in mind though that these are just designs and have no practical application as of now.

Below are the winners with their description:-

Boostrac: These tyres are designed to adapt to extreme off-road use and their big hexagonal threads can expand to teeth in to the surface for better grip on steep and rough terrain.

No terrain will be left unconquered with the Boostrac

Alpike: The Alpike has been conceptualized to provide best performance on snow and ice. It can expand its circumference which in-turn increases the vehicle’s ground clearance while opening deep channels, providing ideal conditions for traversing snow filled terrain.

Hankook Alpike

Alpike is the snow master

HyBlade: Projected as the ideal wet weather tyre, this futuristic creation is by far the most imaginative of the lot. It features a ‘waterwheel’ tread coupled with fins taking the place of spokes in the rim which gives propelling as well as steering force to the vehicle while it is in – wait for it…..deep water. Yes, this tyre has been dreamt up to conquer not only land but sea as well.

Hankook Hyblade

The HyBlade moves through land as easily as it moves through water. At least that’s what the concept is.

Don’t know whether these will ever be seen on a production car. But I hope they do, no matter how insane they may seem at first. Check out the video below, I assure you it’s the coolest thing you might have seen in a long time.



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