Datsun to launch Go+ MPV on January 15

SUVs are by far the most popular model choice for Indian car buyers, but it seems that MPVs are catching up fast. Manufacturers are taking note of this upward trend and almost all car makers are coming out with cars catering to this demand. The latest MPV joining in the fray on January 15 will be the Datsun Go+.

Datsun GO+ MPV

The Datsun Go+ MPV

The Go+ is a sub 4-metre MPV based on the Go hatchback. The front end is exactly the same as its smaller sibling but the similarity ends after the C-pillar, as the body extends all the way to the D-pillar, making way for a boot. This boot houses a third row of seats which can also be folded to accommodate even more luggage.

Datsun-GO+ MPV

The Go+ just makes it under the 4-metre mark with a length of 3.9 metres.

The Go+ weighs 20 kgs more than the hatch and thus gets stiffer springs to handle the extra mass. If you were hoping for a new engine you will be disappointed. Datsun sees no reason to change the mechanicals and has opted to go with the familiar 1.2 litre, three-cylinder unit which has been tweaked for better response. This petrol unit is the only one on offer and belts out figures of 67 bhp and 104 Nm.

Datsun is Nissan’s budget brand and this product will be targeted at the price conscious buyer. The Go+ will indeed be one of the cheapest MPVs once it goes on sale commanding an asking price in the vicinity of 4.0 to 4.5 lakh rupees.With the current emphasis on safety and the Go hatchback’s utterly devastating performance in the recently concluded crash tests, conducted by Global NCAP; we expect this model also to fare low in sales, owing to the absence of safety features like ABS and airbags.


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