Pre-bookings open for Datsun Go+ at Rs 11,000.

Datsun is all set to launch its second offering named ‘Go+’ on January 15. The Go+ is a compact MPV based on the hatchback of the same name. When launched, it will open up a completely new segment of compact MPVs.

Datsun GO+ MPV

Datsun says the Go+ is a compact MPV with capacity to seat seven people.

The manufacturer however, has already commenced pre-booking of the Go+ from today till January 14. Interested parties can book the Go+ at any Nissan dealership with a fully refundable amount of Rs 11,000. Early movers apart from getting their hands on the car first will also be getting a free “welcome pack”. Engine powering this vehicle is the same 3 cylinder, 1.2-litre unit found in the Go hatchback but is tuned to provide better response. This petrol mill gives out figures of 67 bhp and 104 Nm of torque with transmission being a 5-speed manual gearbox.

Datsun Logo

This is Datsun’s second model offering in India.

The USP of MPVs or people movers as they are called, is the space that they offer, but the Go+ with its restricted dimensions hardly gives enough space for adults at the back. The third row with its short knee room – at best- is suitable only for small children. The compact MPV is likely to be the most affordable seven-seater in the country mainly due to its length being under the 4-metre mark. The exact price will be known at the launch, so stay tuned to AutoWire and let us know what you think in the comments below.


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