Photo Gallery: Koenigsegg Regera

At this year’s Geneva Motor Show, Swedish sports car manufacturer Koenigsegg officially unveiled what it calls its second ‘Megacar’ and its first hybrid – the Regera. The name in Swedish means ‘To Reign’ and that should be enough for you to sit up and take notice if the ‘Megacar’ tag hasn’t already. There will be only 80 examples made.

The car looks like a proper Koenigsegg and shares many styling elements from the existing lineup. The most beautiful feature though, is the Constellation DRL making the car easily recognizable from afar as well as the fishtail exhaust pipes. This is a hybrid and gets its phenomenal power from three electric motors and the familiar 5.0 litre V8 monstrosity. 690 bhp is generated from the electric system and a further 1085 bhp is pumped out by the V8, totaling to a surreal output of 1775 bhp (only 1500 is usable). Torque figures are equally outrageous, 1250 Nm is produced by the combustion engine and 900 Nm of torque is added through the Three Musketeers. This equals to more than 2150 Nm, and that kind of pulling force in a car weighing only 1420 kgs gives rise to stupefying performance figures. 0-100 kmph comes in just 2.8 seconds, 150-250 kmph sprint is achieved in 3.2 seconds, 0-300 kmph in 12.3 seconds and the most impressive stat is the acceleration from rest to 400 kmph, which takes just 19 seconds! Top speed of 410 kmph is reached at max rpm of 8250. There is no gearbox in this car, just one forward gear providing propelling power to the rear wheels through Koenigsegg Direct Drive (KDD). Enough with the talk, check out the pics below.


The Regera is the first hybrid from Koenigsegg



It can cover 50 kilometres on a full charge



The headlights are LED units with 35 metre range and newly designed Constellation DRLs



The cabin is clean with minimum buttons and has Apple’s Carplay on the central 9-inch screen



The charging port is revealed when the number plate opens up electrically



The rear gets newly designed tail lights and a huge diffuser



What looks like the centrally located tail pipe is actually an air outlet for the liquid cooled battery pack



The side view is much like other Koenigsegg cars, especially the Agera



The tail pipe has a fish tail design and integrated in the diffuser aiding in aerodynamics



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