McLaren Sports Series to debut at New York with 570S

McLaren’s Porsche 911 contender will debut at the upcoming 115th New York International Auto Show on April 1. The car, a sports coupe, has been christened the 570S. Going by the past nomenclature followed by the Woking based manufacturer, 570 is referring to the power output developed by the engine.

McLaren 570S flting buttress

McLaren 570S teaser image

The engine will be a V8 generating 562 bhp (570PS), housed within a carbon fibre body. For those who don’t know, the Sports Series will form the base series of McLaren cars. It will rest beneath the mid-range Super Series — which boasts of accomplished names like 12C, 650S and the recently revealed 675LT — and the apogee of the McLaren lineup, the Ultimate Series, occupied by the sensational P1 and its track focused sibling –the P1 GTR.

The 570S, McLaren says, will share its DNA with both the Super and Ultimate series. Prior to the unveiling, the company has given a sneak peek at one of the design elements that will be seen on the upcoming model. This photo has been released showing a flying buttress design that is claimed to optimise aerodynamics and increase downforce. The manufacturer adds that the offering will blend class-leading levels of performance with optimised handling characteristics and driving dynamics.

We will have more details after the coupe is revealed in a little more than a couple of days from now.


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