Photo Gallery: McLaren 540C

McLaren has unveiled its entry-level 540C sports car at the Shanghai Motor Show. Though it is the cheapest car they have — that’s a relative term — it is by no means a dullard. The latest from Woking is as beautiful and evocative as the other stunning cars in their lineup. The 540C is their fourth car this year as they proceed with their aggressive expansion plans buoyed by the strong demand for their existing cars. Here is a picture gallery for those of you who felt that the article didn’t have enough photos of the dame. We surely felt that way!

McLaren 540C 1 (1)

         First impressions? Sleek, smooth and aerodynamic.

McLaren 540C 1 (2)

The “most affordable McLaren” gets the signature dihedral doors.

McLaren 540C 1 (8)

Namplate aside, there’s no differentiating the 570S from the 540C from this angle.

McLaren 540C 1 (4)

That’s a beautiful, purposeful stance. The front splitter gets the sporty message across.

McLaren 540C 1 (3)

Curves and creases galore!

McLaren 540C 1 (5)

Aerodynamic abilities become more apparent from this view.

McLaren 540C 1 (6)

The floating tendon on the door can be clearly seen from here.

McLaren 540C 1 (9)

19-inch rims at the front and 20-inchers at the rear, inside prominent wheel arches lend it a muscular look.

McLaren 540C 1 (10)

The sharp rear haunches, twin-blade split diffuser and integrated exhausts complete the rear view.

McLaren 540C 1 (11)

What more can I say?

McLaren 540C 1 (7)

Sporty red accents and well bolstered seats with good lateral support welcome you to the cabin. Floating centre console design is dominated by the seven-inch IRIS touchscreen.


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