TG Trio might host ‘House of Cars’ show on Netflix

Richard Hammond, Jeremy Clarkson and James May; the famed trio of “Top Gear” – the erstwhile insanely popular car show on BBC, might seem like they are out of a job and are lazing around. But the fact is, they aren’t.

It has been reported several times in the past that since Clarskon’s sacking by the British broadcasting firm, the trio – who have declared they are a package – have been in talks with several broadcasters. Two names, that comprise of internet streaming giant Netflix and ITV, have been circulating more often than others. Out of this Netflix is most likely to be their final destination (not the movie). Since, they do not have an advertiser based system which might interfere with Clarkson’s way of functioning.

Top Gear Trio

This is in keeping with the fact that he is a strongly opinionated person, and doesn’t prefer somebody putting words in his mouth. A source claiming to be a close friend of the former anchors told U.K based newspaper ‘The Mirror’, that they have been in talks and have planned to call their show “House of Cars” assuming of course, everything goes according to plan. The name is clearly inspired from the popular Netflix show “The House of Cards” but to my ears, it sounds catchy and inviting.

Meanwhile, the BBC will in all likelihood continue with the original Top Gear show but with an entirely new cast ensemble.


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