Porsche Mission E Concept unveiled at 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show

Porsche has unveiled the Mission E Concept at the ongoing 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show. The four-door sports car is how “Porsche envisions the future of electric sports car.”

Porsche Mission E Concept front

The concept has a full flow-through design and gets distinctive air inlets and outlets at the front, side and rear. The front end gets the classic sweepback style striking similarity with the 918 hyper car. The headlights are Matrix LED units and are grouped around a flat sensor for assistance systems.

Porsche Mission E Concept rear

The side profile, especially the window line is identical to the 911 but with four door instead of two seen on the icon. The doors are counter opening and the B-pillar is absent, making ingress and egress a comfortable affair. The side mirrors, so ubiquitous in today’s cars, is absent and their work is done by hidden cameras that project their feed on the inside of the windscreen at the bottom left and right corners respectively. The rear gets a three-dimensional “PORSCHE” badge that is illuminated from inside and is placed beneath an arch of light extending across the entire width in a black glass element.

Porsche Mission E Concept rear three quarters

On the inside, the entire dashboard is one big display unit with the digital instrument panel taking up the upper layer. The lower layer consists of a holographic display that extends in to the passenger side. It displays individually selectable apps that can be selected via gesture control and can be used to regulate media, navigation, climate control and other vehicle functions.

Porsche Mission E Concept cabin

The drive for the Mission E comes from two Permanently-excited Synchronous Motors (PSM) that have a combined output of 600 bhp and draw power from the 800-volt drive system. The concept is equipped with all-wheel drive and all-wheel steering. Performance is strong; 0-100 kmph flashes by in 3.5 seconds, 0-200 kmph takes 12 seconds and the Mission E tops out at 250 kmph. Being an all-electric car, it has a range of more than 500 km and can be charged up to 80 per cent of its capacity in just 15 minutes.

Porsche Mission E Concept charge port

Some more pictures:

Porsche Mission E Concept instrument panel Porsche Mission E Concept seats


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