Nissan GT-R – Godzilla hitting showrooms by September 2016

Tis the season of sports cars! Automakers are bringing in their halo cars to one of the largest car markets on the globe. Enthusiasts with deep pockets will be spoilt for choice in the not-so-distant future. Ferrari was the first, with the brand announcing its re-entry into the country by launching its showrooms in Mumbai and Delhi. Then came Ford, which showcased the iconic Ford Mustang at Auto Expo 2016; the pony car is expected to hit showrooms later this year. And now, Nissan has confirmed that the legendary Nissan GT-R will be screeching into showrooms by September 2016.

Nissan GT-R front three quarters

The GT-R is known as the ultimate everyday supercar that is at home equally on the racetrack as it is on urban roads. Known by various titles such as Godzilla and the ‘Supercar Killer’, it gives one a sense of what this thing is. “The thing” is one of the most ballistic performance machines of the current generation that beats most ‘exotic’ supercars to the finish line without breaking the bank.

A lap of the famed (or infamous) Nurburgring Is dispatched in an unbelievable 7 minute 8 seconds. What is even more scarcely believable is the fact that the VR38DETT unit, a 3.8-litre twin-turbo V6, is handcrafted by just four blokes sitting in Yokohama, Japan. Every GT-R that is produced has the engine built by any of these Master Craftsmen (known as Takumi in Japanese).

Nissan GT-R rear three quarters

The Nissan GT-R is one of the fastest-accelerating cars in production. 542 hp and 632 Nm of torque is sent to all wheels, resulting in a face warping 2.7 seconds to reach 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph). Performance as good as this, is not achieved by just a powerful engine under the hood. A drag coefficient of 0.26 and a slick 6-speed dual-clutch transmission are equally responsible for that, and the 315 km/h top speed.

Godzilla will stomp its way into India obviously through the CBU way and hence, expect the car to come with a tag of INR 2 crore. I warned you at the start, remember? Deep pockets.


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